Locust Lake Village is a mid-size recreational community, with 1600 properties and 26 miles of roads in a mature, wooded setting. Amenities include three lakes with sandy beaches, playgrounds, tennis courts,  and a community center. The lakes are stocked with fish, and boating, except for outboard motor types, is permitted, Multiple ski areas, including Jack Frost and Big Boulder Ski areas, are just 15 minutes away, and it is only 25 minutes to the Camelback ski area and Camelbeach Waterpark.

The Locust Lake Village Property Owners Association (LLVPOA) is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors consisting of nine members. The rules and regulations of the community, policy decisions of the Board, and general operations are enforced and carried out by the management team. There are five areas of responsibility: Administration, Security, Maintenance, Finance and Recreation, each led by their respective department heads. Security and Maintenance report to the Operations Manager and the Administration and Recreation heads report to the Business Manager. The Business and Operations managers report to the Chair of the Board, as does the Finance coordinator. Committees, composed of membership volunteers, act in an advisory capacity to the Association.

At the present time, approximately 200 families live in the development on a permanent basis. The Village, as originally planned, contains approximately 1,631 lots, approximately 1/2 acre in size. At the present time 1020 homes have been constructed.

The developer of Locust Lake Village left in 1974 and it is now managed by Locust Lake Village Property Owner’s Association.