Feathered Friends

“Feathered Friends”  Birding Club 

2020 is our second year as a birding club and it should be an exciting one. In 2019, the Village supported the purchase of bird box materials, and at the end of the year, 14 boxes intended for Eastern Bluebirds, 2 boxes for Wood Ducks, 2 boxes for Screech Owls and 1 Bat box (to be installed this Spring) were installed. These boxes are spread around the Village at Pilgrim, East (both water areas), Pines and Locust Lakes. There are also boxes near the basketball court, Village gardens at the Chalet and the Archery Range. We’re just waiting for some birds to take residence! 

In 2019 we saw many varieties of birds right here in the Village and at several birding spots within close driving distance of the Village. We recognize that because of current conditions travel may not be recommended but a walk within the Village or in your home areas with your binoculars and practicing social distancing may be just the thing to help keep you and yours fit and have fun doing it! 

So if you want to know when we will be taking a bird walk or planning a field trip just send an e-mail to Mary at mlgettis@comcast.net or Bob at rbgettis@comcast.net We’ll add you to our e-mail list and keep you up to date. It’s just that easy! 

Stay well and happy birding! Bob can also be reached at 570-517-6251