Angler's Club

The Anglers Club has been welcoming members of all ages and experience levels who enjoy the lakes and fishing since its creation in 1991. Our mission is to maintain and improve the quality of the Locust Lake Village lakes and the fish that reside in them, and to provide recreational activities for LLV members to enjoy.


Village wide activities that are hosted by the Anglers Club:

  • Kids Fishing Contest
  • Family Fishing Contest
  • Kids Christmas Party
  • Ice Fishing Clinic
  • Ice Fishing Contest

Several fishing contests followed by weigh in gatherings are held for members of the Anglers Club during the year.

Maintain and improve the quality of the Lakes

The Anglers Club works with aquatic environment consultants that LLVPOA has retained to monitor and maintain the quality of the water in our lakes. The company performs periodic tests of the waters and works with the Anglers club to perform maintenance when required.

Maintain and improve the quality of the fish in the Lakes

The consultants perform a survey every three years to determine the population and size of the various species of fish in our lakes. With these results they create recommendations for the stockings that the Anglers Club coordinate throughout the year. Trout are stocked In Locust and East Lake 3 times in the spring and once in December for winter ice fishing. East Lake receives an additional stocking of trout for the Kids fishing contest. Golden shiners, walleye, bass, and crappies are stocked in Locust and Pines Lakes in late summer to early autumn.

Rules and regulations

All regulations established by the PA Fish and Game Commission and LLVPOA are followed, with the more restrictive rule applying in LLV.  Working with the consultants the Anglers Club develop additions to these regulations. These additional rules are then submitted to the Board of Directors for approval and implementation.

These include:

  • 4 trout daily limit during the regular trout season. 3 trout daily limit during the extended trout season which begins after Labor Day.
  • All bass are catch and release.
  • LLV follows the PA Enhanced Panfish program. More information about this can be found on the signs at the lakes.

Catch and release recommendations from the PA Fish and Game summary guide

To give fish released the best chance for survival, follow these recommended guidelines:

  1. Use barbless hooks.
  2. Play fish quickly.
    Try to land your fish as quickly as possible and don’t play the fish to exhaustion.
  3. Use a landing net.
  4. Keep the fish in the water.
    The chance of a fish being injured increases the longer it is held out of water.
  5. Wet your hands.
    Wet your hands, your net, and other materials that may come in contact with the fish.
  6. Hold the fish upside down while removing the hook.
    This can often pacify the fish and reduce handling time.
  7. Remove hooks quickly.
    Hemostats or long-nose pliers are essential tools for quickly removing hooks.
  8. Cut the line.
    When it is not possible to remove the hook without harming the fish, cut the line.
  9. Don’t touch the gills.
    Do not handle fish by placing your fingers in the gill slits.
  10. Hold the fish upright underwater after hook removal and allow it to swim away under its own power.
    If necessary, hold the fish out of the current until it revives.

Fish that are bleeding from the mouth or gills due to hook removal do not survive after being released back into the water. Anglers may be charged with violating the Fish and Boat Code by failing to immediately release the fish unharmed. If regulations permit, the angler should keep the fish and have it count towards his or her daily limit.


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Tom Rafter, President
Phone: (215) 776-0831

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