Frequently Asked Questions for Short Term Renters 



*How do I dispose of trash?  Why is there a community compacter instead of house pick up? 

-Locust Lake Village (LLV) does not have individual house trash pickup. After years of dealing with very destructive and serious issues created by bear and other wildlife, the decision was made to discontinue individual house trash collection and create a centralized gated compactor area.  Everyone in LLV is now expected to use the industrial trash compactor located on Martha’s Lane.  We ask that you please dispose of your trash there rather than leaving it anywhere outside the house because wildlife WILL get into anything that is left outside, even in secured bins or on the porch.  Regular trash can be bagged in regular white kitchen trash bags. Recycling for paper, metal and glass is single stream, but please bring it to the trash facility in an open bag or bin that can be dumped into the recycling compactor (i.e., no plastic trash bags may be dumped in the recycling bin).


Directions to the LLV trash facility: follow Lake Lane towards the main entrance, make a right onto Martha’s Lane and the household trash facility will be on your left. The trash facility is open the following days/hours, and there will be an attendant on site to assist you:


Compactor Hours:

Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays: 7:30am-3:30pm.

Sundays and Wednesday 9:00am-5pm.

CLOSED: Tuesdays and Thursdays.


*What do I do when the trash facility is closed?

If you’re scheduled to check-out on a day the compactor is closed, please plan ahead and take the bulk of your trash to the compactor a day earlier.


*Is it required that all rental guests check in at the office?

-Yes, LLV requires all guests to check-in at the main office which you pass as you drive through the main entrance into the Community.  The office provides renters with a packet containing a parking permit that you need to use the trash compactor, copy of rules and vacation behavior policy, map of LLV and up to 6 wristbands per rental group for access to amenities.  Wristbands are required for all guests over 11 years of age.  Guests must register their vehicles for security purposes and pay a $5 parking registration fee per vehicle. The increased rental traffic has been tough on our private roads, and the small parking fee helps keep our private roads in good condition, so thanks for understanding!


It’s fine to get settled in at your rental house and then send a representative of your group back to the main office to check-in with a driver’s license. If you arrive after office hours, it’s okay to stop in the next morning to register.




*When is the office open?  What do I do when the office is closed when I arrive?


Monday – Friday:      10-4

Saturday:      9-3:30

Sunday: CLOSED


If you arrive at LLV when the office is closed, please stop by the next day the office is open to register.


*What if the office is closed and we would like to use the amenities on Sunday? 

Packets are left out for Saturday Night and Sunday rentals


*When do I need to wear a LLV wristband?  What do I do if my group has more than 6 adults and we need to purchase additional wristbands?

Please wear your wristbands while you’re within the community so the Security team knows that you’re authorized to be using any of the LLV amenities and/or special events.  If you have more than six adults in your group (over 12 years of age), you will need to purchase extra wristbands which are available at the office.


*What about the beaches?  Is there parking? 

LLV has 4 beautiful lakes – Pines, East, Pilgrim and Locust.

Pines, East and Locust lakes all have sand beaches, playgrounds, bathrooms, and plenty of parking. Wristbands are required to use the beaches.  Pilgrim does not have a beach or swimming, but it is the place for ice skating in the Winter.

Pines beach has a snack bar run by a local restaurant, The Junction.  It is cash only.


The beaches are open 24 hours a day, but lifeguards are only on duty at specific posted times so all use of the beaches and lakes is at your own risk.


*Are fireworks permitted?

  1. Never. If you set off fireworks within Locust Lake Village, Security will issue you an immediate $300 fine with no warning before the fine.


*What is the speed limit in Locust Lake Village?  What will happen if I get stopped for speeding or failing to obey traffic laws?

Security is very strict about speeding and safety in the village.  You will get a ticket if your speed exceeds 25 mph (and 10 mph in front of lakes/ beaches).


*What if I get a speeding ticket or fine for a violation of the rules?

If you are ticked for speeding or fined for violating a rule such as fireworks or noise disturbance, you are responsible to pay for that ticket or fine immediately, before you leave LLV.  The homeowner will be informed by Security if you have incurred any fines, tickets or violations during your stay.


*What are the community Quiet Hours?

Please be respectful of our neighbors, many of whom live in the community year-round, and keep exterior noise to a minimum from 11 pm – 8 am.


*I’d like to use the firepit at my rental house.  What do I need to know?

Check the bulletin boards at the entrances to LLV for any fire / drought restrictions in place. If no restrictions are in place, please only light small, contained fires and ensure that a hose is nearby.


*Are rental guests allowed to rent golf carts or ATVs and bring them into the community to use?

No, LLV does not permit rental guests to use outside golf carts within the Community, and rental guests are NOT permitted to use ATVs at all.   Rental guests are only permitted to use golf carts with the written permission of their rental host.


*Are rental guests allowed to bring their own (electric motor) boats? 

Yes, but the boat needs to be registered and tagged at the office.  There is a registration fee.   Gasoline motors are not permitted.


*Are renters allowed to launch their own canoe, kayak or paddleboards in the lakes?

Yes, but the canoe, kayak or paddleboard needs to be registered and tagged at the office.  There is a registration fee.



*Can I rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboard? 

Pocono Boathouse has rental canoes and kayaks at Pines Lake beach for rental by the hour.


*What is the contact information for the Pocono Boathouse?

The address is 602 PA Route 940.  The phone is 570-646-4107.  They rent kayaks and paddleboards in the Summer, issue fishing licenses, sell bait, and rent ski and boarding equipment in the Winter.


*What is the official capacity at a rental house?

Per township ordinance, the maximum overnight capacity at any rental house is 2 persons per bedroom plus 4 additional guests.   HOWEVER, please check with your homeowner for more specific details about the house you are renting, as occupancy may be set lower by the homeowner.


*I’m going to have a few friends over during the day while I’m renting.  What’s the official limit for daytime guests?

For daytime guests that are not staying overnight, the number of guests is 2 per bedroom plus 4 additional guests as outlined above plus 50% more.  For example, for a 3-bedroom house, the township would permit 10 guests overnight (2 x 3 bedrooms = 6, plus 4 = 10) and an additional 5 daytime guests.


*How many cars can park at any one house?

Outdoor parking for overnight rentals and day guests shall be limited to available parking areas on the Short-Term Rental Property. In no event shall parking for Short Term Renters and day guests include spaces in any public street, right-of-way, or any lawns or vegetated areas.



*What are the rules for dogs within the community?

Dogs must be leashed at all times and are not allowed on any of the community beaches or in the picnic area.   Please clean up after your pet and dispose of waste properly.


*I’d like to go fishing.  Do I need a license or permit? 

Yes!  According to Pennsylvania law, anyone age 16 and over needs a valid fishing license.   You can easily purchase one at the Pocono Boat House on RT 940 or online at You also need a trout stamp ($7) if you are fishing on Locust or East Lake. You will also need a LLV Restocking Permit ($10.00).  Pines lake does not have trout (it has bass) so you don’t need a stamp for Pines Lake.  Please observe catch and release and fishing size limits that are posted at each lake.


*What is the etiquette for using the sports courts (tennis, volleyball, basketball, bocce)?

There is no need to sign in with the office to use the amenities, but please limit play to a reasonable amount of time if others are waiting.


*What is Turkey Trot Golf?

LLV now has its very own chip and putt golf course, located on the ski slope at the Chalet.

Open every day from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Bring a chipping club, a putter, and some balls.


*Is ice skating permitted on the lakes?  What about ice fishing?  How do I know if the ice is thick enough for ice skating or fishing? 

Ice skating is permitted, if the ice is an acceptable thickness.  Maintenance assesses the conditions to ensure the ice is thick enough to skate on. Ice fishing is permitted on Pines Lake.

All skating and fishing is “at your own risk” on all lakes.  Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.


*Where is the sledding hill?

Follow Lake Lane all the way to the back of the Community, past the rear gate.  Once you pass the rear gate and mailboxes on your left, the entrance to the sledding hill will be further ahead up the hill on your left.


*Where is the ski hill and when is it open?

The ski hill is located at the Chalet.  It is open on Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am – 4 pm, dependent on sufficient snow base, slope grooming and weather.  Helmets are required.  Waivers must be signed before use of the ski hill.  Renters should register prior to skiing and will be charged $10 per day / person. Equipment can be rented at the Pocono Boathouse. Mention LLV for a discount on non-holiday weekends.


*Are renters welcome at Locust Lake Village social events, including the Friday night barbecues, bingo nights, craft sessions, etc?          

Yes!  As long as you’re wearing your wristband, renters are welcome and encouraged to join in any Locust Lake Village activities.


*Is anything NOT permitted on the beaches? 

General courtesy and common sense is appreciated, and this applies to loud music, swearing, conduct, nudity, smoking, etc.  There are designated smoking areas at the beaches.  Drinking is permitted, but glass bottles are not allowed due to the concern for broken glass on the beach.  Dogs are not permitted on the beaches or in the picnic areas.   Please do not move the picnic tables.