Board of Directors

The mission of the governing LLVPOA Board of Directors is to lead, work and deliver the following:

  • Oversee the financial and long-range planning goals of the LLVPOA.
  • To ensure that LLVPOA is run and operated for the benefit of its members in accordance with the company’s By Laws, Rules and Regulations.
  • Ensure the continued stability and growth of Locust Lake Village.
  • To encourage the membership to participate and contribute to the goals of the LLVPOA.

Members of the LLVPOA Board of Directors have a critical role in setting the values of the Association. Board members demonstrate by their actions and example the ethics, integrity, legal compliance, transparency and responsiveness that are in the best interests of the Association membership at all times.

Members of the 2019/2020 Board of Directors

Bob Christensen, Chairman

Al Markin, Vice Chairman

Bill Dorner, Treasurer

Dee Kasarda, Secretary

Karen Avery, Director

Diane DiSandro, Director

Steve Geffen, Director

Tony Ruggiero, Director

Bob Wolek, Director

Let’s build something together.

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Board Meeting Minutes
Treasurer’s Reports