Urgent: Bald Eagle at Locust Lake


Your Cooperation Is Needed To Rescue A Bald Eagle

There is a Bald Eagle with an injured leg in the area around Locust Lake. Wildlife In Need Emergency Response of PA is attempting to trap the eagle & is asking for everyone’s cooperation.

While some well-intentioned association members are trying to help, we are requesting everyone not to approach, try to feed or attempt to capture the eagle. The rescue organization will be setting up a Fowl Trap. This trap is made of a netting that will in no way harm this magnificent bird. They advised us that by trying to throw a blanket or any other material over the eagle could very well damage it’s wings & possibly break one or both wings. If this does occur, it is very unlikely the eagle will survive.

If you happen to see the eagle, we ask that you walk away very quietly & call security immediately at 570-646-3532. Do not attempt to approach the eagle & speak in a very low voice as not to startle it. Please refrain from walking dogs along the berm & around the lake. Again, your cooperation is strongly needed to rescue this amazing bird.

Thank you,

Bob Christensen
Lakes & Wildlife Chair