Rental Orientation

Hello from the Short Term Rental Committee…

Please join us for the first LLV Rental Orientation seminar on March 26 at 11am at the Chalet. Attendance by Homeowners (not property managers) at a rental orientation session is a new requirement of the rental permit process this year, and we encourage everyone who is able to attend in person for a neighborly meet/greet opportunity!  [We will also host the session virtually, with details To Be Announced soon.]  The Short Term Rental Committee will go over all the LLV Rules & Regulations that pertain to short term rentals, plus we’ll answer all your burning questions about rentals and offer some extra tips and tricks that’ll help all LLV homeowners to rent responsibly and help maintain the tranquility of our community.

Second, this is a friendly reminder that for owners currently renting their homes on a short term basis, the annual Rental Permit Application and $800 permit fee was due by February 28.  If you’re not currently renting but plan to rent later in the year, the permit application is due 2 weeks prior to your first rental.  If you haven’t filled out the application yet, here’s a link:

As a clarification, the Tax information that is required for the permit are Tax IDs for the Monroe Country and PA State lodging taxes, NOT your school or property tax information.  For more info about how to obtain the Monroe County & PA Tax ID numbers, we’ve posted a ‘how-to’ document on the LLV Website here:

If you have questions about the Rental Orientation session, Tax information or any other rental-related questions, please feel free to reach out to the Short Term Rental Committee directly at