STR Committee Meeting Minutes – 6/28/22

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Bald Eagle Update

Bald Eagle Update

It is with great sadness to report that I was notified this morning that it was necessary to euthanize the injured Bald Eagle. I know this is not the outcome anyone wanted but the experts had to do what was best. As the eagle was gaining weight it was placing more stress on the injured areas and causing additional pain. Rest assured our treasured national bird was treated with expertise, love and respect by all. I am very grateful to have been a part of the rescue effort and knowing this magnificent creature was rescued from suffering in the wild and did not fall to predators makes me proud of how our community and volunteers came together as one. That is one of the many things the Bald Eagle symbolizes.

Some have asked what will happen with the eagle’s mate since they mate for life. The good news is the mate will select another male she likes the look of to fly with. During this process she will pick a stick and drop it to see if the male can catch it. If he does, she will mate with that male till death they do part and remain in the same territory.

Before receiving the sad news this morning, I was working on the upcoming “Bake Sale Fundraiser” to be held on July 1st at the Friday night barbeque, for the volunteer organizations involved with the rescue. I know our community will come together to show our support, thanks, and appreciation. Please contact the office for more information & watch for upcoming announcements.

Thank you,
Bob Christensen
Lakes & Wildlife Chair

Eagle Rescue Success!

Very happy to report we have successfully rescued the injured Bald Eagle. The eagle does not have a broken leg. Which is very good news. There is however severe atrophy in both legs, greater in the one leg. Also severely under weight. He or she is not out of the woods yet. Awaiting more news as more testing is done. A big thank you to Connie Campanella & Donna Barney of Wildlife In Need Emergency Response of Pa. Thank you to Brandon Clark, Chuck Clark, Ambrose Verrone & all members & volunteers of LLV. I also would like to thank the homeowner, Emmett Hennessy who is also a Lakes & Wildlife volunteer for all his support & allowing full access to his property where we have been set up. A big shout out to our security team for all their assistance.

The eagle will eventually be rehabilitating at Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in Stroudsburg Pa. We are asking anyone who would be willing to donate fish that they have caught,
or catch in the future (especially trout)to donate some to them. They are currently rehabbing three other eagles & are always in need of fish. Eagles have a huge appetite. Any type of donation would also be very much appreciated. I will keep everyone updated as I receive information. Let’s all say a little prayer for a full recovery.

I have to say this was a very rewarding & fulfilling experience.

Thank you!
Bob Christensen
Lakes & Wildlife Chair

Bald Eagle Update

When arriving at locust lake this afternoon I watched the mate, & it’s juvenile eagle fly from the area where the injured eagle has been roosting. The injured eagle flew from the ground & followed them circling the lake. They circled three times with the juvenile staying very close to the injured one. The mate kept circling above it. They all flew way up over the tree line & headed towards Arrowhead & out of sight. This lasted about 2 minutes. It appears the eagle has regained a lot of it’s strength & gone back to it’s nest along with it’s family. We are hopeful it’s family will take care of it. It was really amazing to watch the mate & juvenile circling around it throughout the whole time. We will keep monitoring locust lake & ask if anyone sees the injured eagle on the ground to notify security immediately. In addition we will notify Arrowhead to the same.

I would like to thank Brandon Clark for all that he has done. Without his efforts to get this eagle help it would have most likely been a grave ending for our Amazing National Bird. I would also like to thank all the members & volunteers of the association for their efforts. Lastly a big thank you to Connie Campanella & the volunteers of Wildlife In Need Emergency Response of Pa. They are amazing to work with & we will continue working with them as long as needed. If anyone wishes you can make a donation to their organization. I will get details on how to do so. They put together a relay team to transport the fowl net trap from over 6 hours away to our area. They supplied fresh trout for baiting & monitoring. Lakes & Wildlife will be making on donation from our budget to their organization. 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

Bob Christensen
Lakes & Wildlife Committee Chair

Urgent: Bald Eagle at Locust Lake


Your Cooperation Is Needed To Rescue A Bald Eagle

There is a Bald Eagle with an injured leg in the area around Locust Lake. Wildlife In Need Emergency Response of PA is attempting to trap the eagle & is asking for everyone’s cooperation.

While some well-intentioned association members are trying to help, we are requesting everyone not to approach, try to feed or attempt to capture the eagle. The rescue organization will be setting up a Fowl Trap. This trap is made of a netting that will in no way harm this magnificent bird. They advised us that by trying to throw a blanket or any other material over the eagle could very well damage it’s wings & possibly break one or both wings. If this does occur, it is very unlikely the eagle will survive.

If you happen to see the eagle, we ask that you walk away very quietly & call security immediately at 570-646-3532. Do not attempt to approach the eagle & speak in a very low voice as not to startle it. Please refrain from walking dogs along the berm & around the lake. Again, your cooperation is strongly needed to rescue this amazing bird.

Thank you,

Bob Christensen
Lakes & Wildlife Chair

Friendly Reminders


No dogs, cats or other animals referred to as household pets or domesticated animals are permitted in or at Association owned facilities or amenities (beaches, picnic areas, courts, fields, etc.) or other places designated as recreational areas, at any time.

Dogs under direct control of the owner (or person walking the dog) may swim in the designated areas *(located at the boat launch, signs posted) at Pines and Locust Lakes, as established by LLVPOA without a leash as follows:

The person must be in control of the dog with verbal or hand commands.

The dog is expected to obey reasonable commands and MUST be returned to a leash when leaving water.

The dog(s) must not swim near or interfere with people fishing.

Dogs must be on a leash while being walked and owners must clean up after their pets.

Offenders will receive a citation/summons.

Safety Restrictions:

The following are prohibited:

No vehicles of any type shall be driven or towed in a reckless manner on or along any road.

Towing of any apparatus containing persons or animals by a motorized vehicle.

Allowing a dog/pet to be “walked” or exercised on a leash, from any type of moving vehicle, on any Locust Lake Village road or amenity is strictly prohibited.

Offenders can be cited in accordance with the Locust Lake Village traffic violation structure.