Friendly Reminders


No dogs, cats or other animals referred to as household pets or domesticated animals are permitted in or at Association owned facilities or amenities (beaches, picnic areas, courts, fields, etc.) or other places designated as recreational areas, at any time.

Dogs under direct control of the owner (or person walking the dog) may swim in the designated areas *(located at the boat launch, signs posted) at Pines and Locust Lakes, as established by LLVPOA without a leash as follows:

The person must be in control of the dog with verbal or hand commands.

The dog is expected to obey reasonable commands and MUST be returned to a leash when leaving water.

The dog(s) must not swim near or interfere with people fishing.

Dogs must be on a leash while being walked and owners must clean up after their pets.

Offenders will receive a citation/summons.

Safety Restrictions:

The following are prohibited:

No vehicles of any type shall be driven or towed in a reckless manner on or along any road.

Towing of any apparatus containing persons or animals by a motorized vehicle.

Allowing a dog/pet to be “walked” or exercised on a leash, from any type of moving vehicle, on any Locust Lake Village road or amenity is strictly prohibited.

Offenders can be cited in accordance with the Locust Lake Village traffic violation structure.