Eagle Rescue Success!

Very happy to report we have successfully rescued the injured Bald Eagle. The eagle does not have a broken leg. Which is very good news. There is however severe atrophy in both legs, greater in the one leg. Also severely under weight. He or she is not out of the woods yet. Awaiting more news as more testing is done. A big thank you to Connie Campanella & Donna Barney of Wildlife In Need Emergency Response of Pa. Thank you to Brandon Clark, Chuck Clark, Ambrose Verrone & all members & volunteers of LLV. I also would like to thank the homeowner, Emmett Hennessy who is also a Lakes & Wildlife volunteer for all his support & allowing full access to his property where we have been set up. A big shout out to our security team for all their assistance.

The eagle will eventually be rehabilitating at Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in Stroudsburg Pa. We are asking anyone who would be willing to donate fish that they have caught,
or catch in the future (especially trout)to donate some to them. They are currently rehabbing three other eagles & are always in need of fish. Eagles have a huge appetite. Any type of donation would also be very much appreciated. I will keep everyone updated as I receive information. Let’s all say a little prayer for a full recovery.

I have to say this was a very rewarding & fulfilling experience.

Thank you!
Bob Christensen
Lakes & Wildlife Chair