Bald Eagle Update

When arriving at locust lake this afternoon I watched the mate, & it’s juvenile eagle fly from the area where the injured eagle has been roosting. The injured eagle flew from the ground & followed them circling the lake. They circled three times with the juvenile staying very close to the injured one. The mate kept circling above it. They all flew way up over the tree line & headed towards Arrowhead & out of sight. This lasted about 2 minutes. It appears the eagle has regained a lot of it’s strength & gone back to it’s nest along with it’s family. We are hopeful it’s family will take care of it. It was really amazing to watch the mate & juvenile circling around it throughout the whole time. We will keep monitoring locust lake & ask if anyone sees the injured eagle on the ground to notify security immediately. In addition we will notify Arrowhead to the same.

I would like to thank Brandon Clark for all that he has done. Without his efforts to get this eagle help it would have most likely been a grave ending for our Amazing National Bird. I would also like to thank all the members & volunteers of the association for their efforts. Lastly a big thank you to Connie Campanella & the volunteers of Wildlife In Need Emergency Response of Pa. They are amazing to work with & we will continue working with them as long as needed. If anyone wishes you can make a donation to their organization. I will get details on how to do so. They put together a relay team to transport the fowl net trap from over 6 hours away to our area. They supplied fresh trout for baiting & monitoring. Lakes & Wildlife will be making on donation from our budget to their organization. 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

Bob Christensen
Lakes & Wildlife Committee Chair